What are Hungarian au pairs like?

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Hungarian au pairs tend to fit in well with the British way of life.

The characteristics of the individual au pair are of course what counts, but we find Hungarians to be typically "down to earth" and sensible, and to the extent that cultural background is anything to go on, we think that you won't make a better choice.

Hungary is a family oriented country, but Hungarian au pairs very rarely leave placements due to home sickness, if only because improving their English is vital to their future prospects. All Hungarian university courses, for example, require a pretty stiff examination in English to be passed.

If you are considering welcoming an au pair from Hungary into your household you may find the following background information interesting.

Comments on Hungarian culture (only our opinion of course)

Although proud to be European, Hungarians seem particularly attracted to "Anglo-Saxon" culture.

Hungary has free healthcare and a good education system.

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Hungarians are often keen to point out the scientists (the top twentieth-century physicists in particular), mathematicians and famous composers that the country has produced.

Older Hungarians may have a tendency to see themselves as talented underdogs and might joke about Hungary having lost most of the wars in its History. A postage stamp was issued in commemoration of Hungary's 6-3 beating of England at football in 1953.

On the other hand the young Hungarians we encounter are usually enthusiastic about their life prospects. Although typical wages are significantly lower than in Britain, with people often attempting to hold down more than one job in order to make ends meet, households have all the mod cons you would find in an English household. Space is often used with admirable economy; beds often fold so that a bedroom can double as, say, a sitting room. Internet use is pretty much universal amongst young Hungarians these days (and they will be expecting that to continue in Britain).

Hungarians tend to be traditional about food and may be surprised at the British way of snacking and eating on the move.

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Hungarians are proud of their cuisine and as a guest in a Hungarian home you would likely be welcomed with great hospitality and plied with more food and drink than you can ingest. Vegetables play a significant role in Hungarian dishes. But so does pork, and a typical Hungarian meal could be described as "rich".

Hungary has cold winters (and hot summers) and Hungarians tend to wrap up warm. They also tend to heat their houses very well.

Spa baths are very much part of Hungarian culture, with groups of friends often congregating there.

Like most other continental European countries, Hungary is run on rather different lines to Britain, and Hungarians may seek clear-cut written rules, regulations and procedures where there are none here.

The main religion in Hungary is Catholicism, although religion doesn't seem to figure in the mores of the people any more than in Britain.

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