Cost of au pair recruitment

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Au pair agency fees

There's no fee payable to view profiles - all you have to do is give us a call

As a first-time customer, should you then wish us to present your post you would fill in a registration form and pay a £35 registration fee (you can opt out if you prefer, see note).

On inviting the au pair you pay us the placement fee shown below. (This is a one-off fee except for the case where a summer au pair stays on.)

Standard au pair
(projected stay upwards of 9 months)
projected stay of 7 - 9 months £340
projected stay of up to 6 months £285
Summer au pair £130 (top-up required if au pair stays on)

*Just 351 on au pairs for Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham (for new customers and with certain provisos). As well as to those in our own hilly city of Sheffield we now offer prime-location discount to first-time Bristol au pair host-families.

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The "projected stay" is limited only by a candidate's firm commitment to be elsewhere, for example by an enrolment at university.

Replacement au pairs

Since 1999 we have recruited up to 12 au pairs per host family and retaining suitable posts to re-recruit to is our number one priority.

When placements to suitable, appropriately hosted posts terminate earlier than projected, then, subject to certain conditions, we apply a generous reduction to our subsequent fee. This varies with the shortfall so that, for example, where a standard fee of 390 was paid, the reduction applicable would be £210 for an au pair leaving in month 4 and £47.50 in month 9.

Full terms and conditions will of course be supplied before you register.

If you would like us to look into some profiles for you, or simply require more information, please contact us at our Sheffield au pair agency.

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Note: if you prefer to pay both fees only if you invite an au pair, that's fine, although in that case the placement fee is increased by 20% (so, based on a standard placement fee, you would end up paying 78 more).

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