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More good reasons to find an au pair with this agency

  • Each candidate's fitness to work as an au pair will have been assessed by a GP.
  • Written references are translated in-house and chased up by phone to check for authenticity. We also seek further assurances that we are introducing a safe person to your family from these referees.
  • Rapid recruitment is usually possible. With no visa formalities to deal with the 'brick' you choose can usually be in your home within two weeks of your registration.
  • You'll find au-pair profiles from our agency to be detailed and well presented. We have a well-established, independent supply of candidates.
  • Candidates will have passed an English test and you will see what score they got. While we think it's best not to make level of English your main selection criterion, we don't take applicants onto our books without a certain level of English.
  • We help applicants to learn childcare related English via our Hungarian web pages.
  • Before deciding to hire an au pair you will of course have the opportunity for e-mail, telephone and probably skype contact with them, although you may find it more reliable to let us ask any more probing questions in Hungarian for you.

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